Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that worrying about issues that are out of our control is not only draining, but also not a worthwhile pursuit.  Instead, we emphasize focus on what’s within your control, like how you react to world events and market fluctuations, how much money you invest, the quality of your investments, and how your assets are allocated.  We believe that real wealth is built slowly and over time.

As such, we see our value lying in managing your expectations and behavior, determining the suitable asset mix for your risk tolerance, researching and presenting appropriate investments, monitoring your investments, and proposing suitable changes, if needed, over time.

We will always educate you and explain how your accounts are invested, any changes recommended, and why we are advocating those changes.  In the end, however, it’s your money and we respect that.  We enjoy explaining our investment strategy in an easy-to-understand way.  And we will never invest your funds until you have a complete understanding of our approach.

Our investment philosophy centers on a long-term, buy-and-hold mentality.  We believe in building diversified portfolios with traditional, “plain-vanilla”, low-cost investments.  As a result of our investment philosophy, we’re a big believer in the notion that if you can’t understand it, you shouldn’t be invested in it.  We don’t believe in get-rich-quick schemes or speculative investments.  They aren’t worth losing sleep over and just aren’t necessary for helping you reach your financial goals.

Our Beliefs About Investing

  • We believe in taking a long-term approach to investing
  • We believe markets are efficient, and therefore you can’t “beat” the market consistently
  • We believe a diversified portfolio (one with a mix of different asset classes) is the core of a successful investment strategy
  • We believe portfolios should be reviewed and rebalanced as needed to stay within target investment ranges
  • We believe you should understand what’s happening in your investment portfolio 

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