Planning a Family: What to Save for Right Now

Planning for Long Term Care

Have a Long-Term Goal? Financial Planning Can Help You Get There

After several years of wallowing in financial upheaval caused by a severe recession and financial crisis, Americans are, once again, looking to the future. A renewed confidence has many people setting their sights on long-term goals that, just a few years ago, may have seemed out of reach.

Investors Beware: The Media Noise can be Deafening

Most people would argue that living in a digital world, with instant access to an endless stream of information, has made us smarter and more self-empowered than past generations. Investors believe that it has “leveled the playing field”, enabling them to make investment decisions based on the same information once only available to the investment pros.

How to Choose the Right Investment Advisor

With the proliferation of investment and personal finance websites, investors have access to a boundless number of resources and tools once only available to financial professionals.

Why Financial Planning is an Absolute Necessity for Everyone


Benchmarking Mutual Funds: Are You Missing the Mark?

As the stock market resurgence continues, investors are reawakening to the performance benchmarks of their mutual funds to see if their fund choices are drawing every ounce of gains that have been produced over the last couple of years.

Will You Outlive Your Income? How to be Certain You Won’t

Extended longevity should be greeted with gratitude for the possibility of enjoying a longer life with our loved ones. Yet many retirees approach it with trepidation and wonder if their hard earned assets will be sufficient to fulfill their vision of a good life for the rest of their life.

Are Advisory Fees Tax Deductible?

The end of a calendar year often leads us to think about the upcoming tax season.  A question I get from a number of clients after receiving their year-end statements is, “Are my investment advisory fees tax deductible?”  And the answer is, “It depends.”

The Importance of an Investment Philosophy

If you listen to any of the world’s leading investors, they will tell you that nothing is more important to long-term investment success than a clear investment philosophy. More important than a sound investment strategy? Yes, they will tell you. That's because strategy, while important, is nothing more than a manifestation of an investment philosophy.

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